Solveig Lindroos

Solveig Lindroos lives and works in Helsinki. She graduated from the Helsinki University of Art and Design in 2007.

In her painting she is moving from an impressionist style towards more abstract forms and is incorporating traditional fine art practices to produce both abstract and surreal works. In her work she is applying layers of texture and color and there is a depth where foreground and background mix, some areas are partly revealed. Some blanked out.

The viewer will see something different every time they stand in front of her work. Her paintings are often a reflection of her travels, and although her work is essentially abstract there can be no doubt that it is often enriched by the landscape. She searches for the internal logic and order, found in nature, which empowers her to produce paintings which are fundamentally beautiful. Optimistic and intense her work transcends the confines of the world and creates its own sense of light. Her work uses the paint itself to direct the process by which her thoughts and instincts enable her to create the finished painting. She has devoted to an empirical understanding of paint, material and technique.

Curriculum Vitae


Helsinki University of Art and Design, Master of Arts

Solo Exhibitions
2015   Lasipalatsi Gallery, Helsinki
2013 Lasipalatsi Gallery, Helsinki
2009 Arbis Gallery, Helsinki
2007 Lume Gallery, Helsinki
Group Exhibitions
2012 Gallery Sinne, Isolation, Helsinki 
2011 Selva del Colli Art Retreat, Italia
2003 National Library of Estonia, Tallinn
2011 Cholamandal Artist Village, India
2011 Selva dei Colli Art Retreat, Italy
2002 Villa Karo, Benin
2004 Iittala, Helsinki
2004 2004 Fortum Oy, Porvoo
2002 Styrochem, Porvoo
Private Collections